Sport 3 Group have many long-standing partners who enjoy the benefits of our expertise in the endurance sporting field. We take pride in connecting all stakeholders for optimal outcomes.

The Sport 3 Group offers a footprint that boasts events and travel. Our collective activities now complimenting each other to engage with a broad selection of athletes and sporting enthusiasts in a way that is unique in today’s market.

Our unique position, which stems from our multi-layered position in the market place, enables us to reach a vast range of endurance athletes through our diverse database.

We are always looking to work with link-minded organisations to develop mutually beneficial outcomes. If you’d like to discuss working with us in further detail, please request a sponsorship deck through the contact form on this website.


We are the premier endurance sports travel and event company in the Southern Hemisphere, operating for 20 years.


We occupy long periods of direct engagement with athletes who have been on our tours and entered our events. We have the capacity, through our extensive marketing avenues, to influence their brand choices and events.


Tri Travel are revered as a global authority on multisport travel.


Owners of active Multisport databases and tours operating across the globe.