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For over 20 years the Sport 3 Group have shared the dreams and lived the passion of athletes and their supporters. Through seamless travel, event management, and media that is designed to deliver peak sporting performance, athletes are empowered to achieve their goals.

 It takes months, even years of preparations, to make it to the start line, and the experts at Sport 3 Group are the leaders in helping athletes cross the finish line to complete their sporting visions.

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Travel, Events, Media

From start to finish, Sport 3 Group are the complete package for endurance events. Through an innovative approach, we provide a seamless connection between each medium for unparalleled outcomes. Our envied position in the marketplace allows us to use our multi platforms to mutually benefit all stakeholders.


Through our travel arm Tri Travel, we provide entry and travel solutions to events globally, providing our clients with a full-service experience. Our travel management plans and bespoke tours are designed to allow peak athletic performance, and greater spectator enjoyment.


Not only do we source the worlds best events for our community of athletes to participate in. Sport 3 Group also own and operate a number of endurance events also, providing our community of athletes the opportunity to race with us.


Sport 3 Group own the endurance sport publication, Multisport Magazine, and through this platform we connect athletes with events, products, sponsors, advertisers and all endurance sport stakeholders.

Our clients are endurance athletes, many of whom cross over from Ironman triathlons to running events and marathons. Our unique position, which stems from our multi-layered position in the market place, enables us to reach a vast range of endurance athletes through our diverse database.